Rasa Sayang feeds an Olympic hero!

Rasa Sayang feeds an Olympic hero on the house!


The feat of the 57yr old Chinese farmer who cyclled over 140,000km from China to London has not only captured the hearts and minds of international global media but also Rasa Sayang!


Proprietor of Rasa Sayang Teddy Chen was so impressed by Chen Guan Ming’s champion spirit that he has invited the ‘Olympic hero’ to dine at Rasa Sayang on the house every day for the rest of his stay in London!


He says “Cycling through 16 countries over 3 years must be incredibly hungry work and it is an honour to have Guan Ming as a guest in my restaurant!



With nothing but the shirt on his back, a heart full of determination and a poster of Chairman Mao to keep him company, Guan Ming set off on a journey on a rickety old rickshaw that saw him travel though 16 countries during the space of 3 years to reach London in time for the Olympics.


“This man is an inspiration to all of us and embodies what hard work and determination can accomplish with a good heart.

He has finished his journey thanks to sheer willpower – I’m proud to be welcoming him here to London’s Chinatown on behalf of the community.

His next challenge can be to work through our menus. He likes spicy food - and we have a hot menu called the Heat Zone which can be his next challenge!”

Teddy Chen gives Olympic hero Guan Ming a rest from his 140,000km journey


Guan Ming says: “I am touched by Teddy Chen’s generosity His offer is very kind.

On my journey here I would often survive on just bread, and London is a very expensive city.

I very much enjoy Malaysian food and have already tried the Beef Rendang at the restaurant which was very good.

I’m a big fan of Malaysian food – the spicier the better!”

Guan Ming is no stranger to Malaysian food having spent several weeks in Malaysia on his travels from Asia.

He got through 30 tyre changes before successfully traversing through Europe to arrive in London.

Photos documenting his travels adorn his rickshaw bike as proof.  Guan Ming and his bike (and home) can be visitied in London’s Chinatown where he is currently staying until he returns to China in late September.

His return flight was bought for him by an Englishman he met in Brighton.

Chen Guan Ming with his new friends from My Asian Planet and Rasa Sayang.

Pictured from left: Tuey, Ying, Teddy Chen, Chen Guan Ming and Lee Yee