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Rasa Sayang - press


Published on Thursday, 5 December 2013 15

If your palate yawns at the whiff of another takeaway meal, you should try a Malaysian restaurant. Offering a wide variety of dishes from Malaysian cuisine, there really is something to test everyone’s daring, whether your usual penchant is for stir-fry noodles or curries.

Even better, this adventure won’t stretch your budget. Our taste buds were given a sharp wake-up call by Roti Canai with curried chicken. Roti are traditional pancakes, which are offered either as a starter or with a curry as a main. Having never tried this combination I found it surprisingly delicious. The fried pancakes make for an interesting alternative to the usual rice or noodles and the curry was spicy but didn’t overwhelm the rich coconut flavour.

My friend’s Nasi Lemak, the Malaysian equivalent of a full English as described by our waiter, was our definite favourite. Served with coconut scented rice, dried fish, pickled fruit and chicken curry, this really is the ideal dish for those who like a lot of variety on their plate. The curry was full of flavour and the tiny dried fish added the perfect crunch, whilst the pickled vegetables brought in a sweet and sour edge.
Now both on the verge of bursting, we just about managed to squeeze in some delicious desserts. Kueh Salat – a traditional sweet consisting of top layer of coconut milk, eggs and pandan essence – was subtly sweet with a bit of bite while Sayo Gula Melaka was a sugary treat. The traditional pudding prepared with Sago pearls and served in a smooth coconut broth with a generous serving of delicious palm sugar syrup combined sweetness with the sharp scent of sugarcane juice. We were definitely left wanting more of that one.

The menu here also includes various vegetarian options and a large assortment of interesting looking beverages including teas, coffees and freshly squeezed juices as well as Milo, a traditional chocolate-based cold drink. Wine and beer choice is limited but let’s face it, it’s all about exploring the food, not what you can find at the pub after. With mains between £5.90 and £6.90, this place offers good food for little money bang in the centre of London and is a welcome alternative. Give those taste buds a good shake with the flavours of Malaysia. You won’t regret it!